Unlimited visual solutions –
we shape your imagination!

No limits in forms and shapes anymore, because simply rectangular was yesterday. Stop thinking square, free your creativity from obsolete restrictions. From simple basic to non-standard special shapes:
  • rectangular 4:3 standard shape
  • 5-sided, 6-sided shapes
  • customized shapes on request
Any shape, bent, arced or flexible forms – eyevis omniSHAPES make it possible.

we maintain your vision!

Thanks to the service-friendly design of the omniSHAPES, there is no need to dismantle the complete shape or entity in case od change or service. The eyevis solution consists of a screen, a base frame and a projector unit. So the system can be serviced very easily and quickly.
  • service-friendly design: front or rear quick serviceability
  • Constructive innovation: quick and easy setup, cooling concept

Huge interactive omniSHAPES wall
at Integrated Systems Europe 2012

Creative video walls in flexible configurations
- an extract of reference applications

Freedom for your vision
intelligent image processing and looping

Image processing electronic which calculates each image section and scales it on the individual shape element of a video wall. Also the necessary image corrections and blendings will be considered. This electronic is integrated in the onmiSHAPES itself. Each unit runs autonomous and can be combined with other units by simply connecting them to the same signal source.
  • Intelligent image processing: No external signal processor is required
  • Intelligent looping: consistency of the signal during the loop-through process, passive bypasselectronics

omniSHAPES at ISE 2013

Marketing Manager Max Winck presents the eyevis omniSHAPES
in an concave over-hanging arrangement and a walk-able omniSHAPES platform
with additional touch-free infrared interactive system

Revolutioning display possibilities
the technical specifications

  • Resolution: depending on screen shape; at 4:3 related to 1.024x768 pixels
  • Size: at 4:3 480x360 mm (rectangular)
  • Input: DVI single link up to 2K resolution
  • Internal split: with embedded warping for geometry correction, embedded shading technology for best brightness and colour uniformity.
  • DVI loop through
  • Stand alone concept for processing: no extra processing box required

  • Modular design
  • LED illumination: no colour wheel, no consumables, no lamp
  • Internal true colour sensor for excellent colour and brightness stability
  • LED: three colour LEDs for best colour gamut
  • ACT: automatic colour tracking for long term colour and brightness stability
  • SHAPE: 4:3 / Six sided shapes / five sided shapes / customized shapes

Download the Datasheet

Revolutioning display possibilities
the technical specifications

Download the Datasheet

Specious arguments
the advantages of the omniSHAPES:

  • different screen shapes
  • very flexible installation possibilities
    with standard frames
  • no external controller necessary
  • convex bows possible
  • flexible cooling concept
  • quick and free configuration

Download the Datasheet

omniSHAPES Product Video

Discover the versatile possibilities of our flexible omniSHAPES display system